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Friday, December 19, 2014

Garden Soil Brisbane

Well there was certainly no sign of Christmas spirit at Nuway landscape yard at Chandler today.
I went in with my trailer to buy a half metre of garden soil.
I do this often but usually from TLS or Colonial so I know how exactly how much is in a half metre.
The guy working the loader drove into the soil bay and proceeded to drop the load of soil into my trailer.
I had noticed that the bin of the loader was not even, there was a fairly large space at the back without soil.
Now these buckets are half metre fully loaded and level from front to back.
I complained and after a bit of to and fro he put the tiniest extra bit in my trailer.
I still felt cheated and went up to the office to complain.
What the hell happened there? I left feeling ridiculed, laughed at and being called a liar.
So much for the customer always being right.
Never again will I cross the doors of this company, the attitude of the staff was terrible especially when you compare it to other nearby landscape yards that treat you decently.
I just wonder if they short change a lot of customers who do not complain, they can make a lot of profit over time by doing this.

Yes, I am bloody angry and I am going to circulate this on my blog and websites.

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  1. Completely agree re Nuway Ian. My comments might be well after yours of Dec 2012; just found your blog. I purchased a minimum load of garden soil from Nuway at Chandler, only to be hit with a fee for buying 'less than the minimum load'. Fee was about $5-7. Soil was loaded onto my trailer using a machine with a bucket, so couldn't see where any justification for the extra cost; they just want you to buy more. Argued with the counter guy - no joy. This 'fee' wasn't signposted in the yard prior to loading, so I had little choice (unless I wanted to waste 30 minutes unloading by hand shovel).
    I now use CSG (Capalaba Sand and Gravel, Ph 3245 1866) or Apollo (Ph 3275 1777) - equivalent (sometimes better) products and ALWAYS cheaper than Nuway.