I review these products during tasks I personally carry out within my garden on a regular basis. Using the right product or tool for the job makes the difference of doing it the easy way or the hard way, so I really value a product which can make my life easier.

I am hoping that garden related companies will send me ‘products’ to test and evaluate. However I must stress that I will not be anything but fair and make no promises to these companies other than to tell the truth. Many of the products here are what I have already purchased for my own gardening use and are happy with.
You may ask, what are your qualifications? Well Judy and I opened our garden through the ‘Australia's Open Gardens’ for
10 years. We now open to support a specific charity.
We had our 18th Open Garden in 2019.
We won Gardening Australia’s 2009 ‘Golden Trowel’, have appeared on the ‘Garden Guru’s and ‘Gardening Australia’ twice and on various other television shows. We have given over 200 presentations to garden clubs on Sub tropical gardening and open our garden for bus tours. What is more important is that we have learnt from our gardening mistakes.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Silky Saws

I bit the bullet the other day and bought myself a new extendable pole saw.
As you are probably aware I am very particular about the tools I use in the garden and if they are bad I will say so and if they are good I will also say so, regardless of whether I have bought or been given the product.
In this case I love this product.
Yes, it was expensive, just a tad under $300 but it is probably the best quality saw money can buy.
It is a Silky 'Forester' with a extendable reach of 4.5 metres, so that means with my height taken into consideration that the saw will reach almost 6.0 metres.
With the 'Forester' you can purchase a handle and use the blade as a hand saw.

Now that is real handy for me as we have over 70 trees that need pruning on a regular basis.
I looked at other and cheaper saws but of course they were for the most part made in third world countries so quality would be a bit suspect.
I have bought some saws in the past that either became very blunt very fast, rusted out or I could not buy replacement parts.
With Silky you know you are going to get the best quality made in Japan with steel that is top quality, plus the availability of spare parts.
With these type of saws the cutting is done on the downwards motion.
I am happy with my purchase.
The Silky representative called by the other day to inquire if I was happy with the pole saw, he dropped me off a set of secateurs on loan to trial, now I usually use Felco number 2 secateurs, anyway I did some cutting with the Silky ones and really liked them and thought the quality was great.

The saw that I have used in the garden for the past few years is a Silky 'Gomtaro', it's a small straight saw ideal for the smaller pruning jobs around the garden. This saw is around the $90 mark but lasts you for years.